Sunday, 29. January 2017, Raheja District, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai., Devils Circuit - Mumbai

से 29. January 2017 - 7:00 तक 15:00

Raheja District, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai.

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Devils Circuit is not only India’s first but also the biggest obstacle running series. Register here:
Launched in 2012, it created a unique format by combining sports with entertainment. A typical DC edition includes running across a 5kms long raw terrain interspersed with 15 military style obstacles.
An individual based event, this is open for participation to both corporate as well as non-corporate enthusiasts. We shall shortly be opening registrations for this edition of the Devils Circuit across 2 categories:

1. COMPETITIVE: Participants in this category will be given timing chips and they will compete for a grand prize. In order to qualify for the ranking, they must attempt and complete every single obstacle on the course. There will only be 300 slots open for the competitive category!
2. NON COMPETITIVE: For those who want to enjoy the day and complete the course at their leisure, non-competitive category allows you to do exactly that. Your run is not timed and you may leave any obstacle that you wish to
For both category of participants, at the finish line will be a huge shiny gold medal, beer, energy drink and a complimentary access to the after party. Every participant shall also be given a pass to bring along a spectator.
At the party zone, we will keep you entertained with live music, Zumba classes and performances, mud football, beach volleyball, reebok crossfit zone and a host of other fantastic goodies!
So watch this space, and don’t forget to seize your chance to be a #devilslayer!!!

Devils Circuit - Mumbai, Raheja District, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai. घटना

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