Friday, 03. February 2017, Nasik (Nashik), SulaFest '17

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Celebrating a decade of SulaFest!

The coolest festival weekend with the coolest crowd just got even bigger!!

Now 3 days! 3 stages! 120+ artists and tons of great food, fun, frolic and a flea market...

The much awaited 10th edition of SulaFest is around the corner - and this time around with one additional day of love, music, food, drinks and more!

A bunch of artists are yet to be announced including a couple of headliners! Here's the amazing line-up so far:

Amphitheatre Stage: Infected Mushroom (IS) Bloc Party (UK) Dubioza kolektiv (BA), Afro Celt Sound System (UK), Indian Ocean (IN), SWINGROWERS (IT), The Ska Vengers (IN), Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator (IN), The Fanculos (IN), Your Chin (IN)

Atmasphere Stage: Bit of Both (IN), Nucleya (IN), Tejas Belkond (IN), Ayesha Pramanik (IN), Priyanjana (IN), Shaun Moses (IN), Jan Blomqvist and band (DE)

Tropical Stage: Space Jams (IN), Likwid (IN), An(Eye)Lator╰დ╮╭დ╯ (IN), Dj Shy-O (FR), Christ Burstein (AR), Whatever Witch Is (FR, US), Peter Schumann (DE), KTO (RU), Loopkin (FR), M.MAT (FR), Dada Disco (FR), Marc Robijn (NL), Ranjit Arapurakal (US), Ajay Jayanthi (IN), Guto (BR), Victoria Bourke (GB), Simon Lee Sax (AU), Lalit Rawat (IN)

और दिखाओ

Keep watching this space for the latest updates including the much awaited artist alerts too!!

Ticket Prices:
Day 1 - Friday INR 2,500
Day 2 - Saturday INR 2,500
Day 3 - Sunday INR 2,500
Weekend Pass: INR 4,200
Season Pass: INR 5,500
VIP Pass: INR 10,000

Let’s Camp Out is setting up 500 tents at the campsite this year, only 300 meters from the Amphitheater! Bookings are handled by Let’s Camp Out; to book a tent, please call +91 981 981 7099 or or

More info on artists, accommodation, activities etc on the official SulaFest website -

Tickets selling fast on BookMyShow - remember last 5 years were sold out - so book yours now!

SulaFest - Where the sun never sets!

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SulaFest '17, Nasik (Nashik) घटना

SulaFest '17

SulaFest '17

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