Sunday, 20. May 2018, Dharamsala, Himalayan Healers' Fair™

से 20. May 2018 - 11:00
तक 27. May 2018 - 14:00
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The Healing Network™ presents the Himalayan Healers' Fair™, showcasing various Healing practices, Wellness & Art at the Himalayan Spirit, in the Magnificent Himalayas.

Experience rare and ancient healers and shamans from the mysterious Himalayan mountains.
Be part of the Holistic Wellness Retreats & Workshops throughout May in the Mountains.

This is a rare opportunity to experience firsthand a curated mix of ancient and new-age healing traditions and practices, while engaging with select wellness and organic brands at the Farmers' Market, Wellness, Cafe' Karma (F&B) and ArtLiving zones, culminating into a unique holistic experience.

Healers from various healing practices, use the 'Free Stage' to talk about their healing art, and expand their network of seekers whilst connecting with healers from other disciplines. As Seekers delve deep into the spiritual lifestyle thru the 'Healing Workshops™' and the 'Healing Retreats™'.

We highly value and invite your questions, suggestions and feedback. Do write to us at or .

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Himalayan Healers' Fair™, Dharamsala घटना

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