Friday, 06. July 2018, Chakrabarty Mathematical Society, Seminar in Mathematics 2018 (Chakrabarty Mathematical Society)

से 06. July 2018 - 20:30
तक 07. July 2018 - 3:30

Chakrabarty Mathematical Society

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We are inviting all lovers of Mathematics in our upcoming Seminar organized by Chakrabarty Mathematical Society with the association of some Regional Universities and some Professors. You can apply for seminar Classes or for lectureship by submitting your academic testimonials and Mathematical experiences in our society web address.
Lectures will be based on various topics in Mathematics and about recent Mathematical Researches throughout the World. Foreigners can also apply with some basic criteria given by the Government rule and regulation. Foods and Accommodation will be provided along with some extra facilities..........
CMS facebook page is . CMS Online Study Discussion Group is

Seminar in Mathematics 2018 (Chakrabarty Mathematical Society), Chakrabarty Mathematical Society घटना

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