Sunday, 01. July 2018, भारत, Breakfast Ride at South Mumbai

से 01. July 2018 - 6:30 तक 9:30
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Our Journey will start from “MAD OVER DONUTS” COLABA CAUSWAY 6.30 restaurant we are going to do breakfast after ride which is well known for its old charm and they serve Yummy Bun Muska and Kheem pav and bread Omlet there is option for vegetarian also. Will start our breakfast ride at 7.15. Sunday early morning is different **** of Mumbai, these monuments are also in their deep sleep its holiday to them. Also being Sunday I feel its very different **** of South Bombay on every Sunday morning. Box cricket matches in most of the lanes,lots of joggers on marine drive as its Sunday. After exploring all the things will end our ride till 10:00 am.

Gateway of India
Taj Hotel
Asiatic Library
Horniman Circle
BMC HQ Building
Flora Fountain/Hutatma Chauk
Nariman point (Introduction and stretching)
Marine Drive
Girgao Chaupati

Breakfast Ride at South Mumbai, भारत घटना

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