Saturday, 19. May 2018, भारत, Entrepreneurs Meet at Indore

से 19. May 2018 - 15:00 तक 17:00
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yeforum organize Entrepreneurs Meet every month in Different Cities of India to increase networking among entrepreneurs/CEOs/Founders of startups, Investors, mentors, business advisors/business Experts etc. such kind of meetups may help in building business relations, tie-ups, partnerships, business opportunities, Investment opportunities, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, joint projects etc. yeforum is dedicated to create business environment in every city & Town of India. t’s a offcial meet of yeforum members, new entrepreneur can join us by Joining yeforum membership at

in this Series 5th Entrepreneurs Meet is being Organised at Indore, Yeforum members can Join Meetup Free of Cost, for Membership visit and Call +91-9660-989-292 for more details.
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Entrepreneurs Meet at Indore, भारत घटना

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