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Social Media Connect aspire to build a community of marketers,media excecutives,startup founders,entrepreneurs and digitally connected consumers onto an online forum indulging them in interactive sessions over social media
Gone are those days when “marketing myopia” was a matter of serious concern for the businesses. Sooner or later they had to realise that only polishing their product would not help them stand out of the crowd and they actually need to engage themselves in some toilsome hardwork which fetch them results in a long run.
Adopting creative marketing strategies to build their image and leave an indelible imprint even on the unconscious mind of the prospective consumers have been an emerging concept in the business these days.
Social media is a progressing platform today. “Social Media Marketing” is a game changer for those who know the technical know-how to utilise it for their own benefit. Majority of the people today are linked to such platforms and targeting the right lot of consumers with the most appropriate strategy would fetch loyal consumers.
Social Media Connect believes that networking is the key to a successful business. We at SMC aspire to engage a group of marketers, media executives, entrepreneurs and digitally connected consumers onto an online forum and encourage them to participate in a healthy discussion over the effective use of social media to generate revenue. The idea is to pool in the ideas of the like-minded people and utilise social media as an appropriate platform to link with the prospective consumers.

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