Sunday, 11. March 2018, भारत, Soldierathon

से 11. March 2018 - 6:00 तक 10:00
1410 उपस्थित लोगों को
घटना विवरण
India's largest Marathon in 'Honour of Martyrs & Wounded Warriors' of our Armed Forces on March 11,2018 at New Delhi.
This is a special edition marathon instituted to commemorate the Indian Martyrs who have laid their lives for our motherland.
It will be a road running event.It promises to be a platform where passion and purpose would come together with running and philanthropic communities to connect and work towards a mutual goal.
Proceedings & donations of race will go towards scholarship of martyrs's children's education and wounded soldiers at Artificial Limb centre & Paraplegic Rehab Centre,Kirkee at Pune.

Run Categories :-
Half Marathon,10 Km, 5 Km Braveheart Run, 3 Km Kids Costume Run & 2 Km Senior citizen Run /Spirit of Delhi Run


Contact -

Jai Hind
Major Dr Surendra Poonia,VSM

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Soldierathon, भारत घटना

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