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A good walker"s holiday with fine mountain views and charming rural stays! With close-up views of the magnificent high Himalayan peaks, a short escape in the Saryu and Pindar Valley will delight you. Stay with charming village communities and enjoy some superb treks through open pastures and rhododendron forest against the backdrop of the mountains.
This 6 day holiday X Kathgodam will give you an authentic experience of life in the hills. Cool and rejuvenating breeze of Himalayas are right reasons to give summer a break here!
We are letting the pictures speak of the expereinces...
For more, get in touch with Rural Pleasure at 9408420565; 9825109670; or inbox your email I'd for details...
Kathgodam is well connected with 3 trains from Delhi - Train no 12040; 15035; 15013
We also have fix departures X Kathgodam on 25th May 18 and 28th May 18 for the same program...

Travel Untraveled Uttarakhand, भारत घटना

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