Sunday, 30. August 2020, Barhma Sarover Road, Canal Colony, Kurukshetra 136118, India, Gita Singing for Guru Purnima at Kurukshetra, Wed. 13th Jul 2022

से 30. August 2020 - 23:30
तक 31. August 2020 - 4:30

Barhma Sarover Road, Canal Colony, Kurukshetra 136118, India

Barhma Sarover Road, Canal Colony, Kurukshetra 136118, India
घटना विवरण
Inviting ALL hindu individuals, hindu organizations and anyone at all who has faith in the beauty and wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to plan events / yatras / holidays at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, this and every Gita Jayanti date (dates for any year can be found via ) Everyone who comes there is encouraged to honour Mother Gita in their own way with their own programs, or join us in singing the entire Gita like a bhajan all together. Here is how we sing it:

If we want Hindu unity, we need a common place and time where many of us can be together. From that, many good collaborations may manifest, and better mutual understanding may evolve.

For this event to succeed, there are no complicated meetings to be made, nor new oorganizations created, complex resolutions drafted... No... it is soooo simple: all Hindus simply need to agree on 3 things:

A. Collectively accept that the Holy Gita is worshippable as is Her divine author Sri Vyasadev (BG 18:75)

और दिखाओ

B. Collectively accept as Holy the Tithi for the birth of the Gita (Gita Jayanti - mokshada ekadasi, shukla paksha, marga sirsha month) and the tithi of Vyasadev's Birth, which is universally accepted as Guru Purnima (full-moon day in the bright fortnight of the month of Ashadha)


C. Collectively accept as Holy Pilgrim places (Tirthas) Kurukshetra & the Angkor Wat

And if we can all accept the above, the only thing we need to do then, is BOOK OUR TICKETS** TO TRAVEL THERE!!!!

And if groups or organizations want to come, they can organize their own events - Same Place, Same Time!

And as more and more gather there year after year, naturally, it will become easier and easier for all those involved in promoting Hindu Unity will find it easier and easier to organize joint activities, share resources, synergize and act in unison for the greater good wherever possible.

How can there possibly be any objection to this? I doubt it. Come, with joy let us all wholeheartedly worship and reverberate the holy sound vibration known as the Bhagavad Gita!



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Gita Singing for Guru Purnima at Kurukshetra, Wed. 13th Jul 2022, Barhma Sarover Road, Canal Colony, Kurukshetra 136118, India घटना

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