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Marina's Online Baking Class

Marina's Online Baking Class
IndiaKochiPanampally Nagar, Kochi, India 682036
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Demystify the world of pastry!

Join this upcoming class to learn the methods, tips and proven recipe to make bakery type puff class.

In this 1 hr class, you'll learn to make homemade Puffs and three fillings.

This is a LIVE interactive class where you can clear your doubts, ask questions and gain the confidence to make puffs at home.

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Date 9/8/20

Time: 10:30 to 12:PM

Online Class to learn Perfect flaky layered PUFFS!

This class is suitable for beginners and those who are looking for the right techniques to make Puffs at home.

For more details, pls call 9379398865

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