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Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Store - Manufacturer & Wholesale

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Store - Manufacturer & Wholesale
IndiaKanchipuram251-9 Gandhi Road, (next to petrol bunk)
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Trendy indian wedding silk sarees collections from well renowned fashion designers across india displayed at the kanchipuram venue.

About this Event

Indian fashion designers across india are displaying the indian wedding silk sarees collection at kanchipuram, tamil nadu, india on 4th of june 2021. Its a great opportunity for all wedding saree lovers to view all different types of collection at one place , without having to travel to different parts of india. the collections include kanchipuram bridal sarees from kanchipuram, mysore silk sarees from mysore, uppada sarees from uppada, banarasi sarees from banarasi, assam silk from assam, gadwal sarees, pattu sarees, stone work bridal sarees, ikkat silk sarees. The venue is located at the heart of kanchipuram with cafes, restaurantsand car parking facilities available. Complete free entry pass is provided . Below are the different wedding silk saree collections displayed at this venue.

और दिखाओ

The high rise in demand of customized wedding sarees is making the today’s brides gaga over it. The new designer collections are modern yet traditional in look. They perfectly suit the requirements of odern brides. We all know that the identity of Indian women sis linked with the sarees for past many decades. No doubt they have become the trait among the women and considered to be best choice in various occasions.

The indian wedding sarees have become the part of woman’s life when she is going to get marry. What will be the best occasion than this for wearing a beautiful saree designed while keeping you in mind? Most of the designers intelligently design this sarees perfectly displays the right personality of the bride and make her look perfectly beautiful.

The wedding jewelry completes the bridal look and enhance the appearance of bride when wear with the wedding sarees. If you also want to grab the attention of your guests and especially your groom, you must go for these beautifully designed and choose the best for yourselves. Kanjivaram Silks is offering a wide range of wedding sarees in different designs that will definitely steal your heart when you will see them. They have golden borders, beautiful embroideries and available in bright colours that are best for your special day.

Silks are the ideal choice if you are thinking to wear saree in your wedding. There are different types of silks available that are used for designing the sarees. Let’s have a look on them.

1. Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees

The Kanchipuram silk saree is an ideal choice of today’s bride as they are already famous for their bright and unconventional appearance. Even they have motif patterns and beautiful colour contrasts. You can find the patterns in stripes, temple borders, checks and even floral patterns. That’s the reason it has become a wider choice among the brides.

2. Mysore bridal Silk sarees

Since ages, the Mysore silk sarees are the wide option among the brides while prevailing them in a good way. Bright in look yet simple in appearance, these wedding sarees are a favorite amongst the girls of today. We have a good collection of these sarees that help you in picking the right one for you.

3. Gadwall sarees

This was named after the royal patronage of Gadwal family. It is quite different from others as cotton is used for weaving saree while the border is designed in zari and pallu is made of pure silk. Moreover, the three fabrics are weaved in interlocked patterns.

4. Konrad or Temple Sarees

These sarees have the wide borders of around 10 cm to 40 cm. due to the wide borders; these sarees give a complete traditional look. You can find patterns of lotus, parrots, elephants, diamonds and many more.

5. Ikkat sarees

A perfect belnd of cotton and silk in these sarees give a smoother and lighter look when compared to others. Due to the light weight it is easy to carry and feel comfortable throughout the rituals.

Below are some tips to choose the wedding sarees at this venue

- Determine a budget

In this fashionable world, the wide range of wedding sarees is available which confused the wearer. Before commencing your journey of choosing the best attire for your wedding, first determine the price. The term price is a significant step because it sometimes resulting in a barrier. Once fixed your price in your mind, let’s continue to a price filter feature. This step would make our task easier as you can choose from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. If you have no price factor, you can choose the highest to lowest and experience the beautiful and amazing collection of wedding sarees at once. If you have a price barrier, do vice-versa.

- Select a colour as per your desire

indian Wedding sarees are available in different colours. The best colours include Red, Pink, Maroon, Golden, and Yellow for brides. The colour of a indian wedding saree may be varied as per the culture and tradition the bride occupies. Moreover, brides of north and west of India prefer Red colour as it represents marital bliss. The yellow colour in a wedding saree is mostly preferred by the Hindu tradition as it represents growth and healing. The golden colour adds opulence to a wedding saree. Therefore, it is up to women going to be the bride to choose the best one as per their likings.

- Decide on the saree fabric

Once decided on the colour, the succeeding step would be decided on the material or fabric of a indian wedding saree. As it has various fabrics such as georgette, net, Banarsi silk, crepe, chiffon, and more that turns the bride to be confused. The best tactic to choose the best fabric for your wedding is to look at your culture and tradition first. If you are from the south of India, Kanchipuram sarees or banarasi silk saree is the best and perfect fabric. If you are from the north, you may choose from distinct fabrics such as georgette, net, chiffon, and crepe. Moreover, if you have no culture and religion factor, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and for this, it is recommended to try a different fabric for a different look.

- Choose from the different embroideries

Our Indian embroiders have equipped with great inbuilt skills that completely shown in Indian sarees. They engrave wedding sarees with eye-grabbing and beautiful embroideries such as Zari work, Tila work, Moti work, Stone work, and much more which confused the wearer which one is the best. Once chosen the price, material, and fabric, the last one is to select the embroideries which suit you well and turns you more beautiful. To get a royal look, it is suggested to buy a saree engraved with a zari work as it is a symbol of antique work.

These are four tips to be considered while doing an online purchase of wedding sarees. Once decided as per these tips, you would experience the best and perfect one within a short span of time.

Indian wedding silk sarees collections at kanchipuram, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Store - Manufacturer & Wholesale घटना

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